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yuletide 2015

Dear Yuletide Writer,

I am so excited to be participating again! I consider myself easy to please and I hope you have FUN writing whatever inspires you. Feel free to ignore my suggestions and just go for it.

General Likes and Dislikes

I enjoy canon compliant stories, AUs (go wild!), future fic, gen and shippy stories, UST, character driven stories, really anything with some form of character development. I love strong and sensitive women and men, banter, and endings that give you a sense of resolution or hopefulness. When I read gift fics I don’t usually want TOO much angst (though some of the fandoms I picked are just angsty as is). Yuletide seems perfect for fluff or even a holiday story.

I don’t really have any kinks, and would prefer a strong story over PWP. However, I do ship some of these characters A LOT and am all for a sexy story or porn with plot. I read and write het and slash, and I'm not so concerned with conventional OTP pairings and would be excited with a polyship story for a few of these fandoms.

I don’t really want to read fics that focus on the supernatural or magical, gender-bending or body swapping, mpreg, weddings, soul mates, or babies. I love slice of life type stories over high concept ones.

Where you can find me

I am active on LJ, though my personal journal is pretty locked. I’m on tumblr if you want to see what I’m watching. It’s all tv gifs and will give you some idea of what I'm into currently.

Fandom Specifics

(Will Lexington, Gunnar Scott, Avery Barkley, Scarlett O'Connor)

I watched this regularly and always look forward to it from week to week. I adore all these characters and would love to read about them in any ship combination, configuration, or a gen story with the group, or a character study of a single character.

I love Will and Gunnar as friends, but I definitely ship them too. I enjoy Gunnar, Avery, and Scarlett as friends and exes. I do ship Gunnar/Scarlett and Gunnar/Scarlett/Avery. Though I didn't request Juliette as a character, I am absolutely fascinated by her and would totally be all for a story with Avery that features Juliette, and I do ship them as well. Again, I didn't select Rayna, but I would be happy to read her in any story. I didn't select Deacon because I am not really interested in his character for Yuletide purposes. (He's kind of a downer!)

You’re the Worst
(Gretchen Cutler, Jimmy Shive-Overly, Edgar Quintero, Lindsay Jillian)

I marathoned this show in less than a week and I am obsessed with these weirdos. Edgar is probably my favorite. I don't necessarily ship any of these characters as far as the show goes, but in a fic I could definitely go for them as a polyship. That being said, I am interested to see where things go with Gretchen/Jimmy, and I won't lie and say I'm not interested in more Edgar/Lindsay. I think these characters would be great for an AU. I'd also be interested in a canon compliant holiday story--it has the potential to be so dark and funny.

Mad Men
(Peggy Olson, Stan Rizzo, Joan Holloway, Sally Draper)

I have been watching this show since it started, and I think I cried like a baby when it ended. You can go through my tag over on tumblr if you want to get a sense of the types of scenes that spoke to me.

I wrote Peggy/Stan for my 2013 Yuletide, and I'd love to get some as a gift because I love them. This pairing works well for an AU, but I'd be down for anything set during the series run or after so I can see what their lives are like as an actual couple. I'd also be interested in a gen story that's either Peggy or Stan centric.

Joan Holloway FTW. I just love her. I'd take anything with her in it.

I really grew to be interested in Sally Draper during the last season. She's really compelling, and one idea I've mulled around is of her having a conversation with Peggy. I don't think they got to interact much, but they both got to see such different sides of Don Draper that it could be really dynamic. Though I didn't select Betty, I would absolutely be excited for her to be in a story with Sally. Their mother-daughter relationship pretty much broke my heart.

Halt and Catch Fire
(Donna Clark, Cameron Howe)

I haven't thought through the kind of fic I'd want, I just know I love these characters and I want more of them. Friends, partners, lovers, whatever you want to write I will love. I think they'd do well in an AU story for sure, but I'd be happy to read about them in any setting.

(Ravi Chakrabarti, Major Lilywhite, Liv Moore, Clive Babineaux)

This is such a fun show, but also can be surprisingly emotional. I'd love to read a story where Clive is in the know. I ship them all with each other tbh. I love the friendships between Ravi and Major, Ravi and Liv, and Liv and Clive. I'm not sure how an AU would work if you take out the zombie element, but it would be interesting to see what you could come up with. This would also make for a fun holiday fic.

Hart of Dixie
(Zoe Hart, Lemon Breeland)

I feel cheated that there wasn't enough Zoe and Lemon. I ship them for sure, but from week to week I always just wanted to see them interact and be friends. There was such great potential there, and we saw glimmers of it on the show, but there wasn't enough. TBH I have forgotten how the show ended. Canon isn't important to me. I'd be totally happy with a cute fic where they go shopping and hang out and are nice to each other, or a fic where they say to hell with all the damn men in Bluebell and marry each other.

In conclusion, thank you in advance for whatever you write! I'm going to love it!

LET'S DANCE!!!!!!!!