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Yuletide 2013

edited 12/12/13

Dear Yuletide Pinch Hit Writer,

Thank you so much for stepping up at the last minute. You are a rockstar. I promise to love whatever you come up with, so I hope this isn't too stressful for you!

I am so excited to be participating for the second year in a row! So many of my friends do this, so I finally got around to signing up last year! I thank you in advance for your creativity and awesomeness. I consider myself easy to please and I hope you have FUN writing whatever inspires you.

General Likes and Dislikes

I enjoy canon compliant stories, AUs (different time periods, different cities, different jobs), future fic, general and shippy stories, UST, character driven stories, really anything with some form of character development. I love strong and sensitive women and men, banter, and endings that give you a sense of resolution or hopefulness. When I read gift fics I don’t usually want TOO much angst (though some of the fandoms I picked are just angsty as is). Yuletide seems perfect for fluff or even a holiday story.

I don’t really have any kinks, and would prefer a strong story over PWP. However, I do ship some of these characters A LOT and am all for a sexy story or porn with plot. Within these fandoms I am mostly a het shipper, but I do read slash, so if that makes sense for you within any of these fandoms, go for it.

I don’t really want to read fics that focus on the supernatural or magical, gender-bending or body swapping, mpreg, weddings, soul mates, or babies. I also don’t need case fic, even if it seems necessary given the context of the show. I prefer my characters interacting doing regular, daily activities, rather than investigating.

Where you can find me

I am active on LJ, though my personal journal is pretty locked. I do have a fic comm for all my old stories. It’s very multi-fandom. I used to be in a singular fandom when I first joined LJ, but then my tastes just kind of grew and now I dabble in a lot. I don’t write a ton of fic anymore, but I do try to participate in challenges and stuff when I can. (Last year's Yuletide is on AO3, but I don't think I ever cross-posted to LJ. My AO3 is also full of an embarrassing amount of Teen Wolf bookmarks, like a staggering amount.) I’m also on tumblr if you want to see what I’m watching. It’s all tv gifs and will give you some idea of what I'm into currently.

Fandom Specifics

The Bridge
(Sonya Cross, Marco Ruiz, Adriana Perez)

I watched this show religiously all summer long and I LOVED it. My love for it seemed to grow week to week. The last couple of episodes gutted me.

I absolutely want to read anything that is about Sonya being an amazing friend to Marco, and Marco realizing that he isn’t getting rid of her ever. I ship Sonya/Marco, but I feel so dirrrrty for those feelings. It feels shameful and wrong to have them be romantic while Marco is grieving for his losses. That being said, it would be a great starting point for a fic if you did want to write something shippy. I could also see Sonya having clinical-like sex with Marco because that’s absolutely in her wheelhouse.

I adore Adriana, though I’m sad to see that Daniel’s character wasn’t nominated. Their friendship is even weirder and more heartwarming than the partnership between Sonya and Marco. If you wanted to write something Adriana-centric, I would probably jump for joy. I find her riveting. Again with the shippiness, I ship inappropriately. I do ship Adriana/Daniel, but I would be down for femslash. I'm just so curious about Adriana. And really, how is she not a regular cast member?!

If I have not gushed enough about the show, let me continue. I would read just about anything, so if gen is what you’re feeling, go for it! I do adore Hank and his relationship with Sonya. I do not care for Fausto and don’t really feel like he needs to be included.

Mad Men
(Peggy Olson, Stan Rizzo)

I have been watching this show since it started, but during the last season my fleeting interest in Peggy/Stan became a full fledged THING. I would happily read anything Peggy-centric or Stan-centric, but I’m dying for Peggy/Stan.

This would be a great AU pairing because you could insert them into just about any universe and they'd both be 100% awesome. They give great snark, but they are also friends, and they respect the hell out of each other. I would also love to read anything that fills in some of the gaps on the show, like all their late night phone calls or where they just left off this season.

The Americans
(Elizabeth Jennings, Philip Jennings)

I marathoned this show earlier in the summer and I became utterly obsessed. I shipped these two immediately and it was unrelenting, despite their ups and downs. They have the worst communication and a simple conversation would solve the vast majority of their issues, but they are spies and they were trained not to trust each other...

I would like any kind of fic set in this world--maybe future fic where they manage to survive or 5 times or 5 + 1 fic.

(Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn, Laurel Lance)

To be totally truthful, I have not caught up on season 1. But my plan is to finish very soon so I can enjoy season 2. Basically, this show is just fun to watch and I already know I want to read fic for it!

I have Felicity/Oliver feelings. I enjoy Thea being kind of a brat. I think Tommy/Laurel are cute. I suspect Thea/Roy will be adorable. I will add more to this later! :)

Update! 10/24/31: I got totally caught up on season 1 and the current season. I have feelings...

I would love a fic that is Felicity or Thea centric, as these are my favorite characters. Maybe a fic that gives Felicity a backstory? We just found out that she went to MIT, and the time while Oliver was gone is pretty much unaccounted. I still ship Felicity/Oliver, but I think they have a long way to go. I think she's attracted to Oliver, but right now I think she's angry with him for making her his assistant. I'd like to see them on equal footing, or as equal as possible, before their relationship develops. I'd also like an exploration of Thea's character or how her relationship with Roy developed. Thea grew up quickly, and it seems, without a lot of adult guidance. She puts up a good "poor little rich girl" front, but she's actually a huge softie with some serious abandonment issues.

Updated again! 12/12/13: I am not loving Laurel so much this season, so if possible, you can leave her out, or if you include her or write something Laurel-centric, maybe you can reestablish her has a decent character! I hate how much she's been victimized this season.

Sleepy Hollow
(Abbie Mills, Icahbod Crane, Jennifer Mills)

I’m with everyone else when I say that I just want cute times between Abbie and Ichabod. Yes, I ship Abbie/Crane. Remember above I mentioned that I don’t want any supernatural/magical things? I really don’t need anything that plotty in my fic. I would be perfectly content with Ichabod ranting about taxes and donuts some more. I like the banter between these characters, and Jenny is an interesting addition because of the animosity between her and Abbie. If you have a great idea that incorporates their supernatural and magical world, knock yourself out, but don't feel like this has to be included.

(Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes)

See above! I just want cute times between Joan and Sherlock being bffs. I ship them, so sue me! I really don’t need case fic for these two. I just like them interacting doing silly things like working out and arguing about dirty dishes and Sherlock picking out Joan’s outfits. This would be a great fandom to do a high school or college AU. (Sherlock had no friends, until he met Joan!)

I am not familiar with this fandom in its other forms, so I really don't need a Moriarty or Irene Adler story. I do like Bell and Gregson, so feel free to add them in. I love Alfredo :) I hope to see him again this season and would be happy if you included him.

Updated 12/12/13: I don't care for Mycroft or Mycroft/Watson. Let's not go there, or if you want to, maybe you can give me a good explanation for why Watson would hook up with Mycroft!?


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Hi! I don't mind at all!!!! Thanks so much for inviting me into The Americans fandom :) Someone was actually telling me all about the dreamwidth community the other day. This could be a great reason for me to start an account there!

Thanks again!
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