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i wake up exhausted

I was chatting with [ profile] everythingshiny yesterday about the number of shows she watches and then I realized I have NO IDEA HOW MANY I WATCH. So I counted. Shows I'm watching...


The Good Wife (behind on Season 5)
Boardwalk Empire (basically given it up, but half-watching)
Masters of Sex (only seen one ep)


2 Broke Girls
How I Met Your Mother
The Voice
Hart of Dixie
Sleepy Hollow
Castle (behind on Season 6)


New Girl
The Mindy Project
Brooklyn 9-9
Agents of SHIELD
The Voice


Arrow (still catching up on Season 1)
Top Chef
Nashville (behind on Season 2)


Parks and Recreation
Reign (new this week!)
Parenthood (behind on Season 5)
Project Runway (finale this week)


Hawaii Five-0 (behind on Season 4)

Other new shows I've downloaded or plan to but haven't actually watched: Michael J. Fox Show, Welcome to the Family, The Crazy Ones
Other shows that haven't started up yet but will be soon: Grimm, Nikita (though still behind from last season)
Other shows I'm behind on and not sure I'll even bother with, tbh: Downton Abbey, Homeland, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy (more than one season behind)

Basically, I watch too much TV. SORRY I'M NOT SORRY. Also, I don't actually watch that much considering how many I'm so behind on right now. I never caught up on this season of Suits, Pretty Little Liars, Dance Academy, and Doctor Who. Totally half assed watching Burn Notice this summer. Behind on Face Off. So many marathons that got stalled--Justified this summer, Orphan Black, Teen Wolf s3 (I think I got to ep 9 during my first rewatch).

♥ I'm super excited about Yuletide!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get my assignment. I posted my letter and I've been stalking everyone else's letters. I have so many good intentions right now of writing treats!!!!!! Also need to figure out what I'm going to do for [ profile] tashmas. I get bummed when I am not able to do something for someone's #1 fandom... The good thing about our lack of common fandoms is that I might just have to write Baby Daddy fic. Like seriously. Hey, [ profile] hondagirll, care to beta?

→ Life is pretty boring from here until November. I don't think I have anything social planned and the next concert I'm going to isn't until Nov. 1. 2013 has flown by and I demand that time slow down. Do any of you have exciting fall plans?

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Thanks, friend! I don't mind :) I could also do something with her H5-0 request. I don't actively ship the same ship, but I could probably still write something fun.

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ahahah good. I always worry people are disappointed, but no one got their past-giftee and everyone seems to match at least SOMEWHAT well