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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I am so excited to be participating again! I consider myself easy to please and I hope you have FUN writing whatever inspires you. Feel free to ignore my suggestions and just go for it.

General Likes and Dislikes

I enjoy canon compliant stories, AUs (go wild!), future fic, gen and shippy stories, UST, character driven stories, really anything with some form of character development. I love strong and sensitive women and men, banter, and endings that give you a sense of resolution or hopefulness. When I read gift fics I don’t usually want TOO much angst (though some of the fandoms I picked are just angsty as is). Yuletide seems perfect for fluff or even a holiday story.

I don’t really have any kinks, and would prefer a strong story over PWP. However, I do ship some of these characters A LOT and am all for a sexy story or porn with plot. I read and write het and slash, and I'm not so concerned with conventional OTP pairings and would be excited with a polyship story for a few of these fandoms.

I don’t really want to read fics that focus on the supernatural or magical, gender-bending or body swapping, mpreg, weddings, or babies. I like slice of life type stories, but also have been sucked into high concept ones like soulmate aus.

Where you can find me

I am active on tumblr if you want to see what I’m watching. It’s all tv gifs and will give you some idea of what I'm into currently.

Fandom Specifics

Anne with an E
(Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Diana Barry)

I really love this adaptation. I am also a big fan of the books. I would love a future fic set in this world. Using elements from the book would be a major plus, though obviously not required. I ship Anne/Gilbert and Anne/Diana, but the story doesn't have to be shippy, or it could super shippy and even go poly. I never really shipped Anne/Gilbert before this adaptation. He's a blip in the books until much later. This adaptation makes everyone real and to me that's what makes the idea of these pairings so romantic. I didn't request Jerry only because I don't want him to be a central character in this fic. He can still be in the story, but I'd really like to focus on Anne, particularly this Anne that is traumatized but still sees the good in people.

(Amy Dubanowski, Jonah Simms)

I have been rewatching this series lately and the second time around I'm really struck by the romance. The way Jonah looks at Amy, even from their first interaction, is layered with his attraction and desire. So many comedy shows just use the tension to show their affection, but I love how much Jonah likes Amy. I am all about something shippy here. Go wild. Could be AU or set in their every day Cloud 9 lives. I read some fanfics with bi Jonah, and :)))) I would be excited about anything that explores their differences (class, ethnicity, sexuality, etc). You can also include the other characters, but I would like a story with Amy and Jonah at the center.

Halt and Catch Fire
(Donna Clark, Cameron Howe, Gordon Clark, Joe MacMillan )

I cried when Donna went to Cameron's trailer this season. I want them as friends, partners, lovers--whatever you want to write I will love. I think they'd do well in an AU story for sure, but I'd be happy to read about them in any setting. I think it's really cool how the show has done so many time jumps and reset itself by having people marry, divorce, move, die. I have found this season very moving, and I'm so so glad that Donna and Cameron are no longer anyone's sidekicks. I would not be as excited in a fic that centers their relationships with the men. I have a very hard time with Cameron and Joe as a romantic couple. I do, however, find Donna and Gordon as a divorced couple very compelling.

Spoiler for the most recent episode, Goodwill:
I was so moved by the relationship between the four when Gordon dies that I actually edited my request to include Gordon and Joe. I cried a lot and it really surprised me. I usually get so irritated with Joe, but his love for Gordon as a friend really got to me. If you want to write a story that includes all four characters, I would like it to be something canon based and related to Gordon's passing. It could be a flashback, kind of like how they've been doing in the series. My favorite exchange from this episode:

Donna: I spent so much time telling him everything he did wrong.
Cameron: Well, he did a ton wrong.

I also don't mind the inclusion of the entire ensemble of characters, the kids and Katie, Bos, and Diane.

The Bletchley Circle
(Jean McBrien, Lucy Davis, Millie, Susan Gray)

I would be excited to read a story set during WWII or something post-war that is AUish. My fave is Susan and I ship her with Millie. I do not want a story that deals with Susan and her marriage or family. I loved the first series best with the core four, but I'm not opposed to Alice being included. I'm really open to the kind of story you write, I just love the idea of smart ladies solving crimes and mysteries. I like the darkness of the serial killer story line because detective stories usually center male voices and damsels in distress. I am really into true crime (I'm an avid My Favorite Murder listener) so this series with these ladies ticks a lot of boxes for me.

The Handmaid's Tale
(Emily/Ofglen, June Osborne/Offred, Moira)

I want more of any of these characters. You could write about any character on their own or with any combo of the others. I ship June/Emily or June/Moira. I would be interested in something set in their existing world that is more hopeful (like the resistance or their escape), or something pre-series, or an AU. It's really up to you. I just find them really compelling and would love more of them.

In conclusion, thank you in advance for whatever you write! I'm going to love it!

LET'S DANCE!!!!!!!!


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